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Coworking Recognized by Mayor Jerry Sanders
August 9th is Proclaimed San Diego Coworking Day

San Diego, Calif. – August 2, 2011 – Six years ago, August 9, 2005, Brad Neuberg coined the term coworking when he launched his first shared workspace. Since then, hundreds of coworking spaces have formed all over the world. Because of this, August 9th is deemed National Coworking Day, and has additionally been recognized by Mayor Jerry Sanders as San Diego Coworking Day in a recent proclamation.

Proclamation points by the Mayor include:

  • Coworking spaces provide structure for an otherwise dynamic (and often invisible) community of small businesses, including independent professionals.
  • Coworking benefits the broader economy by increasing the creation of establishments via reduced risk & capital.

Coworking was conceived to fill gaps between the various options available to entrepreneurs and freelancers. While working at home can be cost effective and convenient, many people feel isolated and find it difficult to focus. Some turn to coffee shops to meet with clients and colleagues. While this can provide some sense of community, it challenges the professional to charge competitive rates, grow, and make a lasting, professional impression.

On the other side of the spectrum, traditional office space is expensive and requires a long-term lease and personal guarantee. Executive suites fill some of these gaps, but demand a high price point for the flexibility and to pay for the mahogany furniture, expensive phone systems, receptionists and high-end copiers – much of which is not required by today’s knowledge worker. Coworking provides the perfect hybrid between these models.

Felena Hanson, founder of the San Diego Coworking Alliance and Hera Hub (Workspace for Women) says, “We are truly honored that Mayor Sanders has chosen to recognize coworking as a growing trend. Shared office spaces are on the rise due to the fact that many business start-ups can’t afford full-time office space. Additionally, many business owners enjoy the flexibility of working out of their home but still need a part-time space to focus, meet clients, and gain visibility for their business. Coworking spaces solve this solution in a cost-effective manner.”

About the San Diego Coworking Alliance
The San Diego Coworking Alliance (SDCA) launched in July 2011 to bring together the leaders of the city’s nine shared workspaces to collaborate on new ideas and resources. The goal of the SDCA is to expose the broader San Diego community to the concept of coworking and show tangible benefits of this emerging trend.

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